Kathmandu: Survivors launch website telling their stories

Survivors attending website launch in Kathmandu

Putali Chaulagain, Bimala Dhakal and Parshuram Koirala at the launch of the Real Rights Now campaign, Kathmandu

On 26 February 2016 a group of Nepali survivors of serious human rights violations publicly launched a website revealing their stories to the press and civil society.

The launch of the website – www.realrightsnow.org – kicks off a wider campaign supported by non-government organisations Advocacy Forum, JURI-Nepal, REDRESS and TRIAL, calling for ‘Real Rights Now’ in cases of serious human rights violations.

The event, held in Kathmandu, brought together survivors from a number of different districts. Their cases range from enforced disappearance and extrajudicial execution of relatives to arbitrary detention and torture. Each has taken and won their case before the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations and is calling on the government to act in accordance with the UN’s findings.

The website was officially launched by Mr Mahangu Chaudhary, the oldest person among the UN applicants, and father of Mohan Chaudhary, a disappearance victim from Manau, Bardiya district. At the event, the applicants and victims’ movement leaders were lauded by the organisers for their courage, dedication and patience, as well as for leading the movement for victims’ rights, justice, the rule of law, and an end to the culture of impunity in Nepal.

Around 60 people attended the launch, including members of the press, representatives of victims’ groups, senior human rights activists, human rights lawyers and domestic as well as international non-governmental organizations. The event included detailed discussion on the challenges faced by victims in achieving justice and the role of individual cases before the UN. The determination and patience required by the victims’ movement as a whole to continue pursuing justice in the face of government inaction was also addressed.

The launch will be followed throughout the year by a number of further actions aimed at building momentum for justice in these cases as part of the Real Rights Now campaign.