Cases Overview

Between 2008 and 2019 the United Nations Human Rights Committee rendered 26 decisions (also called “Views”) on applications lodged by individuals or groups of individuals against Nepal.

The applications concern cases of:

  • Torture and other forms of inhumane or degrading treatment
  • Extra-judicial killings
  • Unfair trial
  • Enforced disappearance
  • Sexual violence
  • Forced child labor

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In all the cases, the Human Rights Committee found Nepal responsible for multiple violations of its international obligations.

These violations affected 84 persons, of which:

  • 48 were men and 37 were women
  • 20 were children and 65 were adults when the crimes occurred
  • 26 self-identified as indigenous and 59 as non-indigenous

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As of today:

  • 3 victims received compensation and 81 did not
  • 9 decisions were translated into Nepali and 16 were not
  • Nepal submitted information to the HRC in 7 cases, and failed to do so in 18 cases

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