Hom Bahadur Bagale
Mr. Hom Bahadur Bagale served in the Nepalese police from 13 February 1984. On 28 November 2002, Mr. Bagale was unduly arrested and subjected to torture in order to confess his involvement in the alleged theft of gold from his superior.

Hom Bahadur Bagale

Amrit Kandel - (c) Personal Archive
A student enforcedly disappeared in 2003. FACTS On 10 October 2003, Mr. Amrit Kandel, while walking in Kathmandu was arrested by a dozen of soldiers belonging to the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA).  Mr. Amrit was not provided any reason of his arrest. He was taken to a military barrack around […]

Amrit Kandel

Real Rights Now
A 14 year old indigenous child tortured. FACTS Bholi Pharaka, an indigenous child of Nepal, worked as a domestic helper for a family in Kathmandu. He was not allowed to attend school, not paid and subjected to physical and psychological abuses by the family of the house he worked for. […]

Bholi Pharaka

Real Rights Now
A 11 year old boy tortured in 2010. FACTS In November 2010, Mr.Lakpa Tamang, a 11 year old boy belonging to the indigenous community of Nepal was accused of having stolen a gold earring by a neighbour based on an astrologer’s statement. On 15 November 2010, he was brought to […]

Lakpa Tamang

A 14 year old indigenous girl raped, tortured and forced into labour. FACTS Ms. Fulmati Nyaya (pseudonym used) a 14-year-old girl belonging to the indigenous Tharu community of Nepal was arbitrarily arrested, without knowledge of her crime, from her home in Kailali District in 2 April 2002.  Around 300 members […]

Fulmati Nyaya

Real Rights Now
A medical assistant forcibly arrested and tortured. FACTS On 7 April 2011, Mr. Prashanta Pandey, a medical assistant at a medical shop in Jhulinipur, Rupandehi, was forcibly arrested by three police officers from Rupandehi District Police Office without any warrant for the arrest. Mr. Pandey was taken to Lumbini Zonal […]

Prashanta Pandey

Gyan Devi Bolakhe
A pastor enforcedly disappeared and extrajudicially killed. FACTS On 1 May 2001, Hari Prasad Bolakhe, a permanent resident of Phulbari VDC-8, Kavre district, a pastor by profession, was arrested by a joint unit of the security forces on the allegations of involvement with Maoist activities and allowing Maoists to use […]

Hari Prasad Bolakhe

Enforced disappearance and torture of a young women in 2003.

Sarita Sharma

Real Rights Now
A student affiliated to a Maoist- affiliated Union enforcedly disappeared and tortured. FACTS On 21 October 2003, Mr. Himal Sharma was arbitrarily deprived of his liberty in Kathmandu by Nepali security forces wearing civilian clothes. He was taken to the Bhairabnath Battalion barracks and forcibly disappeared for almost one and […]

Mr. Himal Sharma

Real Rights Now
Sexual abuse of a suspected Maoist supporter by army officer in 2004.

Purna Maya

Journalist and human rights lawyer survivor of torture and enforced disappearance

Jit Man Basnet